Food that works
as hard as your

When food works well, so does your business.

Serving good food is also better for you and for your workforce. Your employees will benefit from an improved diet and real value for money in the price of their meals, and you’ll notice levels of productivity rising. Because the happier your staff, the harder they work, and that's why food matters.

It's why we only source produce from local suppliers, mostly within a fifty-mile radius. We like to know precisely where our meat, milk, eggs and our fresh fruit and vegetables are raised and grown. So do our customers. For this reason we get to know our suppliers. and they get to know us. Which is why only the highest quality, seasonal produce makes it to our kitchens.

It's our passion for only the best that takes those ingredients, adds a pinch of love and lashings of inspiration, expertise and experience and turns them into dishes we're proud to call our own.

Case Study

Poultry Producers

This client is recognised as one of the leading providers of free-range poultry products in the UK and Ireland. It has four sites across the UK employing more than 3,000 people. Edwards & Blake has managed the contract for many years having been awarded two contract renewals during that time. We operate a seven day operation, one of which is 24-hours.

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