your route to a
rewarding path

We choose our people the way we choose our food, carefully.

Our people are our secret ingredients. They must have energy, enthusiasm and a zest for our industry.

From preparation to service, we look for individuals who are passionate about delivering delicious food and who can work in a busy catering environment and still keep smiling. A tall order, for sure, but our people never fall short. Like our founders Shirley Edwards and Caroline Blake, our people get things done and done well.

As Shirley and Caroline are visionaries, so too are the rest of our team. Encouraged to contribute innovative ideas and fresh suggestions for new recipes and menus, our people are truly united by a love of good food and a desire to bring the highest standards to staff catering across the region.

We're always looking for talented people to drive innovation and high standards in Edwards & Blake, in our parent company; the Elior Group and in the other companies in the Group.