It’s fair to say that innovating is key to keeping a food service live & kicking. At Edwards & Blake our food development manager Dan is the main driver at the wheel of all our amazing new food concepts. Having sharpened his knives previously with M&S, Dan has designed and launched our Street Food Range, Summer Picnics, French Tarts and many other fresh and funky food ideas that have brought a wow to our menus (and increased sales).

Dan has a great team of Chefs behind him who take their inspiration from high street trends and eating out, different nationalities and food shows. We hold regular Chef’s workshops that create lots of fun and sharing of great ideas and a passion for making it happen back in the kitchens.

Added to this we design a promotional event plan every year, which details all the events and customer schemes happening every month. We have a great Marketing resource in Lou, who designs all of the materials, which bring the event plan alive!